Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Furry Member of our Family

I wanted one of my first posts to b about our cherished 12 1/2 year old golden Labrador, Nelson. He is a beautiful family pet who has brought us so much joy throughout his life.

Our move from Sydney to Melbourne was hard on him but he has adjusted really well. Like me, we are yearning for longer, warmer days when we can enjoy more outside time and leisurely walks. The thing he loves most (beside dinner, of course) is being around us and snuggling in his bed.

I am currently looking for some lovely homemade recipes for his meals to support him in his senior years. I would love to be able to extend my passion for cooking for my family to include Nelson's dinners.

We love you Nelsie!!!

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  1. Sweet Nelson he is such a lovely and kind dog, 12 1/2 I remember when he was a silly young puppy. Such important part of the family.

  2. He is gorgeous. Glad to hear he has adjusted well to your move. Dogs are so resilient.