Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Scavenger Hunt (September)

This is my collection of photos for the September Scavenger Hunt.
It's been a busy month with my beautiful Mum visiting so my apologies for running a little late with posting.
White: A stunning white Flannel Flower complete with little fly. Spotted whilst bushwalking on the Central Coast of New South Wales. It is native to Australia.
1: One of the many magpies swooping on Melburnians during this spring breeding season.
Graffiti: Melbourne is reknowned for its Street Art. This one caught my eye because the guy in it has an uncanny resemblance to my brother-in-law.

Ears: The strange term "Ears of Corn".

Repetition: Royal Arcade in Melbourne. I loved the repetition of the roof structure.

Disney: Disney to me is Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and comics that my Sister and I used to collect as children. 
You ask kids now and its Disney Pixar that think of most and Cars, Nemo, Toy Story, etc. Our house has lots of the modern day Disney and this is a very small snapshot.
I am now on a mission to find my old comics.

Lace: Stunning iron lacework on the balcony of an
East Melbourne terrace house (circa 1860s)
New: A new skill my Mum is trying to teach me, crochet. I have a long way to go!!
Thanks Mum for trying!

Door Handle: On a lovely door in one of Melbourne's alleyways.
Beach Life:  Surf Lifesavers on patrol at Macmasters Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales, one of the more than 400 patrolled beaches in Australia.
Tree: Skeletons of magnificent English Elms in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne. These avenues are of international significance as disease has killed most of these species in the northern hemisphere. Can't wait to see them in Spring/Summer in their full glory.
Tattoo: Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo? by Jancee Dunn
If you've ever asked yourself "do we ever grow up" this is a hilarious book you would enjoy. I haven't quite finished it yet and I'll do a book review post on it when I'm done. Very funny!


  1. Great photos, my favourites are Tree, Lace (fantastic iron work on that balcony) and New (your granny square looks good).

    1. Thanks for looking Paula, your photos are lovely too. Some real curly ones on the list! I loved the leaves for lace and tree and repetition.

  2. You must show us a picture of the Elms in summer as we have hardly any left in Britain any more. Great photos the Royal Arcade looks stunning.


  3. Hi Gill, thanks for your comments. I will be sure to include the grand elms in Summer. Such a shame they are being lost across the world.

  4. Great photos. What a fabulous arcade and the lacework on that balcony is stunning. The book sounds good, I look out for that one and keep up with the crochet, it does get you 'hooked' once you've mastered it! x

  5. Great photos. I feel like you about Disney - that means Mickey, Uncle Scrooge etc to me too! Love your picture for repetition and a good one for tattoo too.

  6. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of beach life, trees and repetition. Greenthumb.

  7. Great photos, especially repetition and lace, and I love how that could be your BIL in the graffiti!